Council 'error' sees ratepayers given incorrect holiday bin collection dates

ANGRY ratepayers have blasted the Council for ‘forgetting about the elderly’ after a second mistake with holiday bin collection dates.

The stinging claims come after the latest issue of a small Council publication was delivered to no fewer than 65,476 homes across the Borough.

Local people rang the Guardian, complaining that the refuse collection changes schedule included at the back of this free-sheet ‘made absolutely no sense’.

“That Council booklet landed on the doormat and I thought I’d look to see how the dates for the bins were affected over Christmas,” one flabbergasted woman said.

“I couldn’t put my finger on it for a minute or two but then I realised, the dates don’t match up with the days given.

“I just couldn’t believe it. Goodness knows how much is spent on putting that out every time but I’d imagine it’s a pretty sum.

“No doubt that’s our rates money being used and for what? For them to send something out without checking it properly?

“What would have happened if the rest of us hadn’t been on the ball?

“Would this ever have been noticed?

“That would have been great over Christmas. We would have been left with overflowing bins at the worst possible time of year given all the extra rubbish generated.

“The whole thing is ridiculous and what makes it even worse is that it’s not the first time something like this has happened.

“They changed the dates in July and didn’t even bother letting people in my area know!

“The bin lorries were around and away before most of us were up and about to realise.

“We couldn’t understand what had happened but then it came out that they hadn’t notified us with a leaflet or anything.

“Apparently it was on their website but what use is that to older people who don’t have computers or those out in the sticks with no reliable internet connection?

“They had to send out a special run to collect the bins because it was their fault in the first place.

“It used to be that if there was a change to the bins because of a holiday, they were just collected the next day.

“That was much simpler and more sensible but it doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

“Is this yet another of Newtownabbey’s new-fangled nonsense ideas?”

A Council spokesperson accepted that the latest edition of Borough Life was printed with an ‘error’ in the bin collection dates.

However, they reminded ratepayers that a ‘bin sticker’ was included in their March 2018 edition.

“Well what use is that,” another ratepayer retorted when this was relayed to them by the Guardian.

“Sure you wouldn’t be holding on to that leaflet from then!”

The Council spokesperson also advised that the digital version on their website contains the correct dates - something which they have promoted on social media.

She added that on top of 65,476 issues delivered to households, a further 2,681 copies are delivered to businesses across the Borough.

“Leaflets detailing the changes to the bin collections over the Christmas holidays will be delivered to all those affected houses,” she continued.

“Not every household will be affected, just those that would be due to have their bin emptied on one of the dates noted in the attachment.

“These leaflets will be delivered by our crews as the bins are being emptied on the week commencing Monday, December 3.

“The leaflets will be placed under the bin handles.

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