Antrim writer calls for the 'Unity of Mankind'

THE time has come for the people of our planet to unite – One Planet, One People.

Daily world events show the need for it.

We rely on each other for trade, commerce, innovation and mutual co-operation regarding climate change issues, animal welfare, social reform and our general well-being.

I don’t suggest we all become the same – in looks, behaviour, beliefs, culture.

A garden with only one type of flower would be very boring indeed.

I want us all to live in a world where difference is positively welcomed and readily accepted, so that we can co-exist in harmony, unity and diversity!

These are the days when we are expanding our hearts and minds – and souls – learning about each other, embracing our differences and realising that we’re all climbing up the same mountain – just from different sides, with differing perspectives.

Examining our emotional identities and appreciating our distinctiveness is leading us to discover our similarities too – the things we already instinctively share, e.g. love, compassion, kindness, a sense of justice, pain of separation, need for stability, a longing to feel of worth – and helps us discover that we are, in fact, spiritually connected.

This connection sees us empathise and truly care about others less fortunate than ourselves.

In times of conflict, crisis or disaster, when we witness political or social injustice, etc., when our hearts and souls are profoundly touched by the cruelty, inequality and suffering that is rife in the world, we realise that we are all essentially one.

We care, not just for ourselves, but for others - throughout the planet.

Our consciences tell us that we must stand up and be counted, right the wrongs; be fair-minded, forgiving, kind; positive in outlook; morally active and supportive of our fellow human beings – these ideals especially relevant to the Governments and Rulers of the world.

The Golden Rule - “Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself” – is a base-line, spiritually sound behavioural ideal, referred to in the Scriptures of all the major religions of the world.

Its very simplicity calls out for all of us to show understanding, patience, broad-mindedness and inclusivity towards and for our fellow human beings, so that we may feel a sense of mutual bonding – Unity.

Unity helps us realise that education of our spiritual selves helps us grow, mature, appreciate others, be the best we can be.

Equality offers women similar opportunities to men.

A bird needs two wings to fly adeptly.

Disproportionate wealth should be used to eliminate abject poverty.

Disability is impairment of ability to do, say, be something.

We are all disabled in some way.

Sports teams need each other to compete against. Racism is ugly, out-dated and impractical.

Triumphalism and a sense of superiority shows ignorance of the equal worth of all human beings.

Kindness and inclusion is what our ancestors hoped for when they emigrated abroad.

We each and all have a daily role to play in the physical and spiritual development of our world.

Now is the time to accept and embrace our differences and recognise that we can all work towards a common purpose - the reality of Peace throughout our planet -

The Earth is but One Country… and Mankind its Citizens

**Paula Ryder is a writer and poet from Muckamore**

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