Antrim teen Mum who overcame adversity tells others: 'You Can'

AN Antrim woman who struggled through adversity as a teenager has launched her own therapy business.

Michelle Irvine (39) says she has spent her entire adult life on a journey of studying the human mind and personal development to become the person she is today.

She says she has undergone ‘incredible transformations to become the best version of herself’ and is now dedicating the rest of her life to helping others.

After a career and financial setback before Covid in 2020, Michelle said she became very stressed, losing confidence and trust in herself and others – finding herself waking every morning feeling frustration and trying to figure out where she was going to go next to get back on track.

A year later and she has now become a practitioner in a world award winning therapy Rapid Transformational Therapy.

Michelle has been able to practice with some of the stressed NHS staff who feel they have ‘lost themselves’ during the crisis and she tries to help them cope better with the pressures of their jobs and lives.

She herself has worked in Antrim Hospital for 12 years and jokes that driving into work in the mornings, queueing to get past the barrier to park her car reminds her of the TV series ‘Squid Game’.

“Some staff are so stressed and unhappy and when you are bringing a negative vibe into the work setting you are passing that around other staff and on to the patients” she said.

“This is not good for any kind of healing. People would say I’m so positive but the truth is I just understand how to operate my mind and every day I dialogue with it in a certain way.

“I spend my days looking at the things to be grateful for rather than what I don’t have.

“This is the true key to happiness. I also start each day with the best possible attitude I can to give out the best of me to others around me but like everyone else I’m human too and it’s not always the case.”

And Michelle knows all too well the struggle that some teenagers are facing as we emerge from the pandemic.

“As a child, I didn’t like myself, how I looked, how I spoke, how I felt, how I behaved.” she explained.

“I didn’t even like my name. I had poor self-esteem and a poor self-image - both internal programs that are created by life experiences and interpretations of those experiences.

“I started to drink, smoke and take drugs from young age. I tried to take my own life at the age of 13.

“Looking back, I just couldn’t cope with how I felt anymore – and didn’t think it would ever go away and I certainly didn’t know how to even verbalise my feelings.

“I started to miss school – receiving poor grades. I had no aim, no vision and no understanding of me and my life and where it was going.

“Things didn’t look very promising and I had my daughter age 15 - but this saved my life.

“I had a teacher who took time with me, showed acceptance and placed his belief in me. I took his belief and ran with it.

“I made the decision that me and my baby would have a good life.

“When I started to see the grades change for the better and better opportunities presenting themselves to me, I knew I was on a different path. I didn’t have therapy of my own but what I did have was someone who believed in me and from aged 15 still to this day I live from that belief that ‘I can’.”

Michelle said that belief might be all a person has, but it is all everyone needs to start, and all other things will follow after.”

She explained: “I have achieved many beautiful things along the way and many times I’ve had to change direction. Did I always get it right? Of course not. I failed, messed up, hurt people, let people hurt me, made mistakes and wrong choices, lost faith in others and also myself but that’s is all part of life.

“The key is what we do with all of this. We can use it to stay stuck or we can use it as an opportunity to grow.

“When your mind is in the blame game – you’re stuck. When it’s looking for new opportunities from where you are – you’re freeing yourself.”

Michelle has now spent the last 16 years moving towards the goal of helping other people transform their lives, training in different therapies, studying the science of the mind.

She recently graduated under the international award winning hypnotherapist and creator of Rapid Transformational Therapy, Marisa Peer who has dedicated the last three decades of her life researching, testing and applying the most beneficial principles of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, cognitive behavioural therapy and neuro-science.

Marisa has worked with some of the top celebrities, athletes and sports personalities and is now teaching her methods to therapists all over the world and is also a best selling author writing many self-help books using her method or treatment.

Her method has gone into 500 schools in England and Marisa has just won another award with becoming UK health radio 2022 winner.

Marisa claims that there are only three things wrong with people and calls it ‘what lies beneath’ - people believe that their are not enough, that help is not available to them or that they cannot connect with help.

RTT is a therapy using hypnosis to access the sub-conscious part of the mind to find out what is really going on inside a person, which results resulting in the person achieving the same unwanted results in their life whether that be in career, relationships, education, financial, health or sports performance

Fans of the technique say that clients only require one to three sessions, before being given a personalised audio recording to listen to.

Michelle hastens to add that there is no ‘going under’ like stage or performance hypnotherapy and that the client is in charge at all times.

She explains: “Starting out I am helping people who are feeling stuck in life, who have made mistakes, who have been labelled by society because of a past wrong doing – and want to be free.

“I help people who are fed up with their existing selves, feel they can’t cope and want to create a new and better version of themselves.

“I help people who have had a set-back in an area of their life and need help to get back up and going again.

“I help people to understand why they are the way they are and why they are staying stuck and living life on the hampster wheel, free and empower them to make the right permanent changes.”

Michelle said that she discovered her purpose at a young age after making many personal transformations.

“In the 12 years I have worked in Antrim Hospital – I’ve watched and worked with patients, as a nursing assistant, who have become regulars because they just aren’t getting the right treatment plan in the mental health system.” she said.

“I am aware that there are some people that refuse help but I understand this at a much deeper level and again this brings me back to the fact that people believe that they are not enough and that change and happiness isn’t available to them – living from outdated belief systems and saying to themselves ‘this is it for me’.

“Some people live a life with a label attached to them – “my stress, my anxiety, my depression” as if it belongs to them and the mind believes everything you tell it.

“I help clients change their existing reality by helping them get a clear picture of how they want their life to be and using the RTT tools we free them from their limiting beliefs and empower them to move into their desired future.

“It really is removing the old information and putting in new updated better information.

“The mind accepts everything you tell it so why not tell it better things.

“Why not say ‘I can’ instead of ‘I can’t’. The mind changes through repetition and if it hears the same thing over and over again – it will stick.

“You have control of what you accept into your mind. I teach this also as because the mind is complicated. It just isn’t taught to us in the most important development years of our life.

“My whole world and life changed because someone told me that ‘I can’ and I have never let that go.”

Michelle currently works with clients on a one to one basis from her office in Antrim or online.

She can be contacted through Facebook at ‘YOU CAN… with Michelle’ oe through email or Whatsapp at


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