Doing the rounds at Connell Hill

THE Autumn League continued on Saturday at Connell Hill with another great turn out. ahead of the final on December 12.

This coming Sunday, Connell Hill are holding a Working Hunter Show; with entry via the website.


70cm: double clear - Sophie Boyce, Swan Lake; Amy Brown, Shaun; Lesley McMorris, Indie; Naomi McCavana, Iggy; Sophie Boyce, Paddy McGuinness.

80cm: double clear - Amy Brown, Shaun; Helen Hoffin, Rachel; Dawn McAllister, Farrah; Megan Cosgrove, The Spin Doctor; Gemma Houston, Murphy; Marie Fallon O’Kane, Abbey; Rhonda Carson, Koro; Lucy Maher, Vally; Sophie Boyce, Swan Lake; Jodie Creighton, Bacon; Rachel Lockyear, Townhill Penny.

90cm: double clear - Darragh Murphy, Madge; Emma Brown, Tullys Tina; Ross Graham, Zulu; Dawn McAllister, Farrah; Ellen Mackay, Lanzamore; Darragh Murphy, Lexi; Sarah Fullerton, Mollie; Felicity McConnell, Dolly.

1m: double Clear; Darragh Murphy, Lexi; Alex Houston, Rocky; Dean Bell, Ellie May; Anna Jackson, Woodchip; Bethany Gordon, Molly; Felicity McDonnell, Nemo.

1.10m: 1, Andrew Farren, Copper; 2, Niamh McFall, Bob; 3, Bethany Gordon, Molly; 4, Padear McLoughlin, Harry.

1.20m: 1, Andrew Farren, Holga.

1.30m: 1, Alex Houston, Indy; 2, Andrew Farren, Holga

Thursday saw the last of the SJI Autumn Series for horses at Connell Hill Equestrian Centre.

Competitors had another opportunity to jump a great course built by Will Creen and with weather being kind, it made for a great way to finish off what has been a very successful league.

Connell Hill would like to take this opportunity to thank all the judges and all who attended every week for their support and hope to see everyone back in January 2021.

90cm: double clear; Joseph Murphy, Ballygreenan Break point.

1m: double Clear; Chloe Connon, Doonini Z; Joseph Murphy, Ballygreenan Breakpoint; Joseph Murphy, My Foxhall Kit; Beverley Caves, Caltra Scenic Star; Suzanne Posnett, HVL Lucky Strike; Rachel Whann, Daquin De Muze; Joseph Murphy, Izz ietop.

1.10m: 1, Suzanne Posnett, Karmijn; 2, Ian Moore, Pine Croft Fleet; 3, Joseph Murphy, My Foxhall Kit; 4, Grace McGarry, Imanthos; 5, Joseph Murphy, Izz ietop; 6, Rachel Ferres, Elturano.

1.20m: 1, Liam McGarry, Javas Bespoke; 2, Joseph Murphy, Derroon Diplomat; 3, George Newton, Simply Grey; 4, Joseph Murphy, Calmaro; 5, Jodie Creighton, Neat National Treasure; 6, Liam McGarry Kilmar Piloth.

1.30m: 1, Gareth Saunderson, GTA Barocco Blue; 2, Suzanne Posnett, Billy Flare; 3, Joseph Murphy, Derroon Diplomat; 4, Joseph Murphy, Calmaro; 5, Joseph Murphy, Cecil Bready.

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